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II. 完形填空
Coming home from school that dark winter day so long ago, I was filled with excitement of having the weekend off. But I was   31   into stillness by what I saw. Mother, seated at the far end of the sofa, was    32   , with the second--hand green typewriter on the table. She told me that she couldn't    33    fast and then she was out of work. My shock and embarrassment at finding Mother in tears was a perfect proof of how    34    I understood the pressure on her. Sitting beside her on the sofa, I began very slowly to understand. "I guess we all have to   35   something," Mother said quietly. I could   36    her pain and the tension of   37   the strong feeling that were interrupted by my   38    . Suddenly, something inside me lit up. I reached out and put my arms around her. She broke then. She put her face    39   my shoulder and sobbed. I held her   40   and didn't try to talk. I knew I was doing what I should, what I could and that was   41   . At that moment, feeling Mother's   42    with feelings, I understood for the first time her being easy to   43   . She was still my mother,   44   she was something   45    : a person like me, capable of fear,   46   and failure. I could feel her pain as she must have felt mine on a thousand occasions when I sought   47   in her arms.
A week later Mother took a job selling dry goods at half the salary the radio station   48   .
"It's a job I can do, though." She said simply. But the evening practice on the green typewriter continued. I had a very   49   feeling now when I passed her door at night and heard her  50   away across the paper. I knew there was something more going on in there than a woman learning to type.
31. A. fooled  B. tricked       C. puzzled      D. shocked
32. A. crying  B. smiling      C. thinking     D. whispering
33. A. write    B. type    C. run     D. wash
34. A. eagerly B. worriedly   C. hurriedly    D. happily
35. A. fail      B. win     C. forget D. gain
36. A. realize  B. understand  C. sense   D. recognize
37. A. holding back       B. putting away      C. holding on  D. stopping from
38. A. pain     B. laughter     C. arrival D. cry
39. A. by     B. upon   C. beside D. against
40. A. tightly  B. rudely C. carefully    D. politely
41. A. enough B. little   C. all      D. nothing
42. A. hand     B. face    C. hair    D. back
43. A. content B. break  C. fall     D. shout
44. A. therefore      B. although     C. yet      D. however
45. A. more    B. excellent    C. strange       D. huge
46. A. wound  B. pride   C. success       D. hurt
47. A. kindness      B. memory     C. comfort      D. support
48. A. supplied       B. offered       C. paid    D. contributed
49. A. different      B. hard    C. pleasant      D. serious
50. A. crying  B. laughing     C. tapping      D. sewing

31 — 35 DABBA          36 — 40 CACDA
41 — 45 ADBCA        46 — 50 DCBAC  
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